Where Are We From and Where Are We Going- World Mission Society Church of God

The human soul is a theological topic of discussion throughout the world. 
Many religionists including Christians study the subject of the soul. 

However, they do not reach a unified opionion, 
but they only discuss or teach it in their own ways. 

Even Biblicists do not realize the fundamental teachings on the soul. 

So, You've probably never heard a definite and believable answer or teaching.

Through this brochure, you will get the correct answers to the following questions:

How was the human soul created?

Where does it come from?

And where does it go?

Many discuss the human soul and preach sermons on it.

However, unless they understand where the human soul came from 
and where it returns to, their teaching or sermon is unreliable. 

If anyone does not know where he came from, 
how can he say that he knows where he is going?

Do you know where you came from, 
why you are here on earth and where you are going?

World Mission Society Church of God will give to you all answers and
World Mission Society Church of God follows a teaching of Bible.

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  1. We are lost in the heaven and sinner who crime in the heaven came down on the earth.
    How we can go back to the heaven?
    We need to receive salvation of our soul through the new covenant Passover.