We Must Return to Our Home in Heaven-Wmscog

If you believe in a religion, what is it that you hope to find through that religion? 

Like a ship that drifts with the current when it has no sail, if we do not have a goal in life we will be tossed about in the storms of life.
It is the same with our life of faith: If we have no goal in our religious life, we will end up wandering aimlessly.

In Christianity, the goal of our faith is to enter the kingdom of heaven.

why do we want to go to heaven? 
It is because the kingdom of heaven is our spiritual home where we lived before we were born into this world.

Our body and Spirit

Where are we from and where are we going?

Many have tried to solve this problem, but no one has found an answer yet.

It is because they try to solve it through philosophy or theology, without understanding the will of God. 

Our spirits didn't come into existence simultaneously with the birth of our bodies, but already existed in heaven. 

When we sinned against God, our spirits were clothed with the body which is like a prison and were cast down to the earth. 

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