I am a member of World mission society church of God! But...

Hi! I'm Steffi. I attend world mission society church of God.
But ...
I saw many people misunderstood Christ Ahnsahnghong and WMSCOG.
I think It because we can't find many information about WMSCOG.
So I'd like to post some texts which give us religious lessons and share my experience.

What is big difference WMSCOG from other church? It's below.
World mission society church of God believe Christ Ahnsahnghong as 2nd coming Jesus and believe God the Mother. WMSCOG keep the God's feast; Passover, Sabbath, and so on. We believe the zion, refuge of salvation, is the place keep the God's feast.

If u have any question, visit this Site.
Don't hesitate :-) www.wmscog.org


  1. Hello! Sister :-) God bless U!

  2. Anonymous16/7/13 09:39

    wmscog is the church which teaches u the true meaning and the love of heavenly family thru physical family.
    We are blessed to realize the truth before too late.^^

  3. WMSCOG believe the church is Zion in this earth. And in there, is true God, the truth of salvation. So Zion is very important place where we have to know .

  4. World Mission Society Church of God believe Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

  5. World mission society Church of God is very different from other churches in the faith of Heavenly Mother. Most Christians are unfamiliar with this truth, but that is obviously written and testified in the bible as the secret. Try to find out the secret of heavenly Mother through the bible.