The Behind Story about the Reason Why WMSCOG Received a Citiation.

WMSCOG(World Mission Society Church of God) in Jungnang, Seoul, recieved a citation from the head of Jungnang word office. Bellow Newspaper said because of their volunteer work, the head of Jungnang word office gave the citation to wmscog.

Then, what did make them to do volunteer activity?

It is the power of God the Mother.

God the Mother always give lesson to wmscog about give love.

Teachings of Mother #1
「 It is more blessed to give love than to receive, as God always gives love.」

The article in jungnang news will follow. After read this, if you want to get more information, please visit this site.

It will help you understand the true identity of the WMSCOG.

[In recognition of heartfelt environmental cleanup activities 
and service for the neglected class of people]

The World Mission Society Church of God (General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol), which has helped the neglected class of people through various volunteer activities, received a citation from the head of Jungnang-gu in December 24. 

During the awards ceremony, Mun Byeong-gwon the head of the Jungnang ward office presented a citation to Pastor O Du-hwan of the Church of God(wmscog) located in the Sinnae-dong, Jungnang-gu, Seoul and said, “The Church of God has carried out various volunteer service activities for the neglected class of people, as well as the environmental cleanup movement. Even a little help can encourage our unprivileged neighbors greatly. On behalf of our local citizens, I give thanks to the Church of God and its members for their heartfelt volunteer service.
Not only the enthusiastic preaching work, the Church of God(wmscog) in Jungnang-gu, Seoul, has been carrying out various volunteer service activities such as environmental cleanup, snow-removing, disaster recovery, giving donations and daily necessities to their neighbors in need, the blood drive, etc.


The World Mission Society Church of God(wmscog) received a presidential citation twice for their outstanding volunteer activities for their local communities, the nation and world as well, and they were even asked to make a partnership with the UN, last year.

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