The world mission society church of God, dwelling heavenly mother.

It all happened when I was in fifth grade in elementary school.
While I was exercising with my friends on the horizontal bar, one of my friends pushed me hardly and I fell down and dislocated my right wrist.

Since it was a thing that I've ever experienced, being surprised and hurt, I cried out loud.

Then my teacher came and quickly took me to the hospital. After a while, my mom came too.

Straightening my wrist, I was so scared and tears wouldn't stop. I kept on looking at my mom with imploring eyes. My mom was also teary-eyed.

While I was crying, the doctor took my wrist and pulled with all his strength.I screamed. Trembling with fear, I was looking for my mom, but I couldn't see her.Wiping my tears, I went all around looking for her. At a distance, there she was near a window. Showing her back, she was wiping her tears.

Honestly, at that time I couldn't feel anything.

But when I think now, I could slightly feel how moms would be heartbreaking when their children are in pain.

After years receiving God, I somewhat realize Heavenly Mothers love.Our Heavenly Mother carries our entire burden of sorrows and pains.Though I was a disobedient child, She gives love, and with all Her strength prays for me to lead me to Heaven. 

Realizing Mother’s love and anxiousness, I will now do my best to end Her time of sufferings.

Thank you Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. And I love you. 

If you want to meet heavenly mother,
Come to the World Mission Society Church of God.
Whenever, the World Mission Society Church of God waits for you. 



  1. Anonymous8/11/12 23:01

    Physical mother love her children in the same way God the Mother love us. I wish many people receive love of God the Mother.

  2. I long for love.
    Heavenly Mother give us everything..love..life...
    I'm so grateful to her.!!!

  3. I give thanks and honor to Our God the Mother.♥