God the mother's heart - mom, this is so good

"Mom this so Good. Everything that you cook is so good."

Actually there wasn't much on the table. I just made some warm biscuits to go along with my beef stew. But my three children who were soaking the biscuits in the stew, just kept on saying that it was so good.

Since there were three of them, I guess they weren't picky with foods. I was thankful, and with that virtue, people kept on saying, "What do these kids eat? They are so tall!" as they were indeed tall and healthy.

Seeing my children eating with delight, I started to think of God the mother.

How happy must God the mother be, seeing her children eating Heavenly food without being picky?

Though with efforts she prays all night thinking how to feed her children with nutritious and delicious food, making them to grow, overcoming the bad germs, without considering God the mother's heart, I was just a picky, immature child neglecting some foods because it didn't suit me, and only eating foods that suited me.

Realizing a new, with the saying that "Parents becomes full just by seeing their children eating." I thought that God the mother would be all the more...

Mother, I want to become your child who eats your food with delight.

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  1. Just as when we have nutritious foods, we can grow up well, so too when we listen to the words of Mother and absorb them,we can be healthy and grow up.

  2. I got an impression in the mind of God the mother.