Have you ever heard about God the Mother?

The Bible, which testifies about Christ, testifies that God the mother exists.
Jesus taught us that God is our "Heavenly father."
"..Our Father in Heaven.." / Matthew 6:19

Through the Apostle Paul, God taught us that we have our "Heavenly Mother."
"..Jerusalem that is above is our Mother.." / Galatians 4:26

 Even through the principle of nature, God taught us the existence of God the Mother.
Cheetah, the champion of speed of the savannah, Lion, the king of the jungle,
Penguin, the gentleman of Antaractica, Eagle, the monarch of the sky
Dolphin, the talented child of the sea, all these living creatures are given life through their mothers. 

Then, who gives us spiritual life?

Just as all living creatures are given life from their mothers, 
so we are given our spiritual life from God the mother.
God promised that due time, God the mother would appear to save all mankind/
1 Timothy 6:15

If you want to get eternal life, come to the church of God who believes in God the mother.



  1. I would like to thank you for God the Mother.

  2. All creature is the evidence of existence of God the Mother :-)