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When we give glory to God, the glory returns to us

Teaching of God the Mother #2

David always gave glory and thanks to God in Psalms. As a result David receive much blessing and still receive much praise from Christian.

God the Mother also told us give glory to God. It is not for God Ahnsahnghong or God the Mother, but it is for us. It's because Whens we give glory to God it returns to us.

For example a boy made a paper airplane with color paper that his father gave him and received praise from his teacher. When the boy came back his home, he expressed gratitude to his father for provide color paper. After that what will happen? His father will support his son more and more.

Out spiritual parents also same. When we glory and thanks to God, the glory return to us.

The members of World mission society church of God deed may volunteer work and receive many awards. When they receive praise they always say "thanks to God Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother". It's because WMSCOG recognized that God, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother, lead every work and helped everything.

Follow NEWS also praise the members of world mission society church of God hold clean-up campaign.

Members of the World Mission Society Church of God participate in the cleanup of the coastal area in Las Piñas and Parañaque cities yesterday. The activity coincided with the ‘2012 Worldwide Environmental Cleanup Campaign for the Passover’ in 150 countries. 

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