In Manchester Ahnsahnghong's witness ... every Sunday

There's a lamp in the dark world, it's the World Mission Society Church of GodChrist Ahnsahnghong is the corner stone, precious only to those the truly believe. WMSCOG follow the apostles who overcame all hardship. World Mission Society Church of God gathers saints of God who born again thru words of God.

Christ ahnsahnghong is pleased with His children's love and unity. Christ Ahnsahnghong give life forever, thru the Passover. Ahnsahnghong our Father has established WMSCOG. Glory to Elohim forever and ever! 

[Clean-up campaign in Olhdam town centre]

- Newspaper: Click Loncoshire
- Date: March 08, 2012

On 6th March, Tuesday, at their own cost, World Mission Society Church of God cleaned up Olhdam town centre.

Around 80 Members of the church gathered from the morning and cleaned until the afternoon around the Town Centre and Town Hall.
They picked up a lot of buts and litters in the street. 
Many residents gave them compliments and encouraged their effort.
And they collected about 100 bin bags.

Also, they have gathered at Queen Elizebeth Hall to give blood.
From 6th March, around 100 members are also going to give blood to practice the love of Passover until the date of Passover(5th April). 

Around 2,200 places in 150 countries are doing this campaign together. 
It is to practice the love of the Passover of the new covenant(5th April), which was restored by Ahnsahnghong the Christ who came a second time. 


The Church of God will continue to clean up the whole of Manchester every Sunday and after special events until Manchester is completely cleaned as they feel it is their duty to spread the love and sacrifice of second coming Christ Ahnsahnghong.


The Church of God keeps the seven feasts in three times according to the Bible including the Resurrection Day and the Feast of Tabernacles as well as the Passover, and it is known as the church that follows every regulation of the new covenant-the Sabbath, Baptism and the regulation of veil.

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  1. WMSCOG practices the love of Elohim God :)