Spread the Love of Christ Ahnsahnghong in the Fence of Korea

Christ Ahnsahnghong is truly "Wonderful Counselor". Christ Ahnsahnghong gives wisdom and understanding only to His chosen people. Christ Ahnsahnghong open their spiritual eyes and ears so that they can understand God's words.

I would like to thanks Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for blessing us to recognize and receive them.

We have to spend each and every day doing good deeds all the more. It because God judge and repays everyone according to what they done(Rev 20:12, 22:12). 

So the children of Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother effort to do good deeds not only in the church but also in the society.

I will give you an article in Gengin newspaper, Korea.

Spread the Love of God 'in the Fence of Korea'
Gyeongin Ilbo, Korea, Dec. 01, 2011

“Korean Wave” in the 21st Century Mission Activity 

# Every year, about 1,500 overseas members visit Korea 
The World Mission Society Church of God says that they officially received the first visiting group in 2001, and that the 56th group visited Korea this year. At the beginning, the number of visitors was around 20, but it increased remarkably. This year alone, about 1,500 members visited a total of eight times by November. They are from all around the world, not from a specific country or continent. 

The 56th visiting group, which visited Korea in the past November, consisted of 204 members from 59 regions of 11 countries. From 19 years old student to 64 years old man, they came, regardless of gender and age. Their occupations were also various from a famous national singer who is held in high esteem in her country to a dean of a university, lawyer, police officer, doctor, soldier, flight attendant and house wives. 

Before they visited Korea, most of them knew that Korea is just a divided country that went through a war. They did not know that Korea had a dynasty a hundred years ago, or is now one of the 10 economic powers in the world, or held the 2002 World Cup. 

Despite that, their lifelong desire is to visit Korea, and the biggest purpose of their visit to such an unfamiliar land is to feel the love of God the Mother. To the overseas members of the Church of God, Korea is a holy land and the prophetic country where the Spirit and the Bride, who are the Saviors in the age of the Holy Spirit, have come. In Korea, they experience God the Father and Mother’s love and sacrifice for the salvation of human beings. So they are interested in various aspects of Korea such as language, culture, history, etc. The Church of God is running various programs so that they can learn Korean culture and history


# Moving the world with a good image about Korea 
WMSCOG makes a great effort to enhance the image of Korea, as well as to achieve their religious purposes such as teaching over 1,500 foreigners, who visit Korea every year, the truth of the Bible and helping them experience Mother’s love. WMSCOG provides them with interpretation, food and accommodations, etc. with the greatest care so that the foreigners cannot feel any inconvenience.


It is not the first time that this Church helps the international community. Last year, WMSCOG held the concert to help the earthquake victims of Haiti in Busan KBS Hall, and the concert to help the earthquake victims of Chile in Yeomju Gym, Gwanju. After the concerts, Kim Joo-cheol, the General Pastor of WMSCOG, visited the UN Headquarters in New York and delivered a donation of 100,000 dollars to the UN Central Emergency Response Fund. At that time, the UN was greatly pleased with the Church’s interest and support for the international community, and asked for constant partnerships.


#The World Mission Society Church of God started in Korea and has spread to the whole world. WMSCOG believes in God the Father and God the Mother as well on the basis of the Bible, and keeps the seven feasts in three times including the Sabbath and the Passover. It is also famous for various volunteer activities that practice the love of Christ.


  1. How beautiful they are! Hope for the whole world full of the love of Christ Ahnsahnghong nim :D


  2. WMSCOG acts like the salt and light of the world according to the teaching of God.